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Our Purpose 

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Breath Of Life Wellness & Yoga Center (BOL) exists as a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization to promote the Health and Wellness of all Mecklenburg County residents but primarily disenfranchised communities and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) BOL endeavors to encourage wellness and healthy living within its service group in the following manner:

Supply a variety of opportunities for Spiritual Development as a way to satisfy inner needs and enhance spiritual growth through non-religious practices such as: the 8 Limbs of Yoga Philosophy (meditation & mindfulness practices), Character Building, Living with Intention/Purpose, etc.

Deliver Soul Nourishment by encouraging creative practices, love of self, weekly self-assessment, etc. through lecture, email, website, or podcasts.

Provide basic principles of healthful eating, and the relationship of nutrition to the preservation of good health and the prevention of illness. Furnishing inviting,  and friendly fitness programs
in the form of Yoga
and cardio classes.

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